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THE PRACTICE Membership Program

THE PRACTICE Membership Program

THE PRACTICE: A membership for your mental health; A space for exploring + nurturing your well-being.

In this membership, you'll begin to build the absolute best emotional toolkit for anything life throws your way. We'll be leaning into the value of tapping into your emotional and mental health while building self understanding and community.

The main framework you'll learn and build from in this membership:

  • Heart work: Imagine understanding and honoring your emotions. I'll teach you about emotions, how to manage stress and the ever-present anxiety! This pillar is an ongoing experimentation in finding the supports and learnings that help you restore your heart and heal.
  • Soul Work: Ready to understand what it actually means to have self compassion. Soul Work is all about developing the most beautiful relationship with yourself - in a realistic, and sustainable way. (Yes, I promise this will propel you forward.)
  • Life Work: In our society, we spend a lot of time working. Careers, jobs, and fulfilling work, they're often a big part of our lives. We'll talk through navigating the work place to making big career moves.
  • Tribe Work: As humans we thrive on connection. We all need others in our circles that lift us up, that we feel connected to and inspired by. But making friends and navigating relationships isn't always that simple. Tribe Work is all about cultivating community and relationships that fill you up!
  • Ground Work: Healthy lifestyle routines and rituals can be the most amazing thing to ground into when life feels CRAY. In this pillar, I'll walk you through how you can be implementing and growing the rituals and practices that keep you feeling grounded and resilient.

You'll find a mix of monthly video trainings, DIY workbooks, group video sessions, community connection and the ability to opt into 1-1 sessions. This membership truly does it all.

I know that YOU are the expert on you. I know there are probably some things that logically you know you could be doing better or differently, but it just feels so hard. There are probably some other things that you just can't make sense of right now. 

It's a lot. I know. 

The Practice is a beautiful space to dive into the reality of being human, of becoming you. 

12 Modules


The nuts and bolts of everything you'll need to know about navigating and getting the most from The Practice. Be sure to work through each lesson in this module before diving into the content. 

LIVE Q&A RECORDINGS (Starting July 2021)

Here in The Practice Membership, we recognize that your mental health is impacted by SO many different factors in your life including how you sleep, hydrate yourself, move and nourish your body. 

This month, guest coach Arielle Bloom of Navigating Nutrition will be joining us to share about the 4 Pillars of Health. Arielle is a Functional Nutrition & Mindset Coach. She comes from a background in exercise and now lives on a regenerative farm. She is truly a wealth of knowledge! I can’t wait for you to meet her. 

Office Hours:


Tuesday, June 15th at 4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST 

Soul Work

Looking for more confidence, more self understanding, self awareness and worth? Want to know how to let people see the real you? Here we'll work towards all things YOU. Developing the relationship you have with yourself so that you can shine your light out in the world.

Resources & Recs

Curious about good reads and resources for specific stuck points? This module is a living, breathing resource pool for you! 

BONUS Coffee + Calibrate Series (4 Sessions)

A series of Calibration Practices centered around different topics. This series may help guide you through Calibration Practices from many different perspectives. Tune in, practice exploring and showing up for yourself!

Modules for this product 12
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